Why Sing in Selah?

Singing in Selah provides an extra opportunity to learn and be challenged in a small group. Super fun! -Jean D.

In Selah, I am accountable for my own voice but have great support from everyone else. I enjoy the challenge to make the music… musical. -Wendy D.

I love having the opportunity to sing in a small ensemble. The atmosphere is so supportive it has made my confidence grow! -Diana O.

Sharing the joy and challenge of singing in a smaller group. -Joanne O.F.

Challenging music for people who really love creating the details and sharing with like-minded people. -Peter D.

I love the chance to sing a variety of styles in a small group. It makes each of us more accountable and we have a great time. -Patti V.

Learn to read music and increase my musical skills. Push myself out of my comfort zone.
-Dorothy G.

I enjoy the extra challenge and vulnerability that I feel with being involved with Selah. – Sacha W.