Why sing in Soliloquy?

It’s a challenge but by performance time you feel part of something great! -Richard T.

Soliloquy is a choir where everyone cares about making the music the very best it can be. -Wendy D.

I was so impressed listening to the Spring Concert that I thought ‘I want to be a part of that. So I joined in September. -Jeff C.

It is an amazing stepping stone to nurturing and developing your voice. Lisa is amazing and has helped me to feel extremely comfortable and always makes it fun. -Sacha W.

Great choir with fantastic music. Clearly one of Alberta’s finest choirs. -Peter D.

Open yourself to a new world of music. It gives you challenge, community, fun and more. -Doreen B.

My soul is lifted, cares of the day fly away. I am now at peace. -Jenn W.

I love to sing and I enjoy the harmonics and the sound we create. -Dorothy G.

Harmonics and dissonances make one’s spine shiver. There is great energy and encouragement. -Lorna T.

This is one of my BIGGEST stress releaser. When I feel like pulling my hair out, this makes me feel normal again! -Rick K.

It is the best way to let go of the stress from the day or the week. So you feel refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. -Selina G.

Soliloquy inspires the voice within you to come out in a way you never thought possible. The love of music and emotion brought out of us by a beautiful director. -Michelle B.

When we’ve worked through a challenge and you hear when a song clicks with the large group. Wow-it’s magical! -Joanne O.F.

Great choir. Great group of people. Great music. -Ton D.

Truly, singing in Soliloquy lights up my spirit and soul… I get to practice ‘harmony’ for life. -Melanie C.

Music is medicine for the heart. A year ago I was in a deep depression. I found coming to Soliloquy each week was a way to express myself, and allow myself to heal through music. It is very therapeutic. It allows you to take all your troubles and forget them for 3 hours each week. It doesn’t seem like very long but for someone with depression it helps you feel you can actually get through the next day. Thanks Lisa! -Mark C.

Lifelong friendships and a sense of musicality to be found in no other choir in Red Deer.
-Kathleen R.

Too many reasons to say- you just should! -Patti V.