Why sing in ihana?

The sense of community is incredible. Music brings people together like nothing else can; it speaks directly to the soul. Ihana always is the highlight of my week and no matter what kind of a day I’ve had, the people and the music can make me forget my problems. -Kate M.

Being new to Ihana is not as scary as it seems, within the first two weeks, I feel more accepted than I have with friends I’ve known for years. -Trystan W.

It’s so much fun to sing with such fun, dedicated, amazing people. It’s such a great experience. -Stephanie S.

It’s the best choir I’ve ever heard and I have the opportunity to be apart of it. -Laren S.

I sing here because it makes me happy. The people are indescribable! We all sing as one person and we all sing with our hearts. I love Ihana! -Emily V.

Sing in Ihana to be apart of family away from home that accepts you for who you are, and is there for you. Sing in Ihana to have fun, feel safe and wanted to. And most importantly: sing. -Jordyn H.

You don’t have to be afraid to sing. There’s such an overwhelming amount of support from the group that there’s no need for you to fear. -Samantha B.

Sing in ihana because you can have so much more experience and you learn so much more. -Emma C.