Testimonials about Lisa

“Lisa, you did it again. We studied some very challenging music this term and had yet another great performance. You have such a ‘cool’ way of working us hard and keeping us focused every week. . . . So often people respond to success with attitude, but you have something very special Lisa. You have a tremendous heart for people that rewards you with respect even when you place great demands on them. This is considered leadership quality and I find you a true leader.” – Robert M.

“For the past six years I have had the privilege of singing with Soliloquy under the direction of Lisa Ward. One of the words I would use to describe my experience is wholeness or integrity. The group is committed to excellence in Choral music but not at the expense of other qualities like community, joy, honesty. Lisa has proved the cornerstone….a part of the whole, not as a driver but more the mentor; more the rudder than the wind. For me she has developed my passion and taught me to celebrate the experience we have in common. This is Lisa’s strength, her ability to develop the best in people with joy . I am so thankful for that.” – Patti V.

“I have spent six years singing in a community choir that is under the direction of Lisa Ward. A good friend of mine told me that I needed to join this choir because I would get so much enjoyment out of it, and she could not have been more right! Not only have I taken my technical singing skills to a whole new level under Lisa’s patient guidance, but I have gained the confidence to sing with passion. Lisa’s constant and consistent encouragement allows me to take risks and sing out with no fear! Under Lisa’s leadership, the choir is much more than just a group of people who meet weekly to sing. It is a group of people who care deeply for the quality of the music we produce, but even more importantly we provide support to each other in all areas of our lives. If I ever reached a point in my life where I needed encouragement, emotional support or some confidence building, I would not hesitate to call on Lisa!” - Jean D.

“You do a fantastic job of balancing all the different levels, fragile egos, nerves during performance, etc, of a diverse group of singers – and your vision and attitude is reflected in us. I love it!” – Amanda H.

“Actually, there are many more things I could tell you about Soliloquy and what it means to me. . . . I do this because choir helps keep me real, grounded and well. I am a better, healthier person with choir in my life. I am not a church-goer but I do know that when I walk out of rehearsal every Wednesday evening I feel more connected to the part of me that is uniquely human and alive (my “soul”, if you will). I can’t imagine being who I am without choir as a part of my life. Thank you so infinitely much for creating the atmosphere that allows people like me to feel such joyous emotions!!” – Michelle C.

“I owe you so much for the things you have taught me over the years and the patience you have shown towards me (Mr. Rhythm) for the incorrect rhythms, notes that I have taught my students. I never ever once felt intimidated or put down and that is why I have continued to try and have a vocal jazz program. Many other clinicians would not have been that patient with me and would have told me to get into a new profession, but you never did. You were always positive, gave me encouragement, and helped me with the baby steps to make me a better teacher and I am forever indebted to you for that. I hope so much that you would be able to be at the final concert because of the impact you had on me and our program. You, in so many ways have been responsible for much of the success we have enjoyed over the years because our kids have had the opportunity to work with such a giving and positive individual. They always come home pumped, stretched and eager for more. It pushes them and me to reach further into ourselves. . . . I value you as an extremely talented educator and a true and special friend! I owe you more than you will ever know!!!! – Tom S.

“I wanted to take this time to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past season in soliloquy. Many people speak of your commitment, your dedication and how your vision is so apparent within the group. I want to add to that your sincerity. When you tell us your feelings, and when you tell us you believe in us, I know you mean it from your heart. It makes me feel so special and important and wanted to be a part of this amazing group of musicians. . . It does great things to the self esteem when you can feel a PART of the group, a group that wanted me to be there. You help us all to feel such an increased level of confidence. With your sincere level of appreciation for us, we know we can do anything. When you present us with music that may be beyond our reach, but assure us that as the talented group we are that we can do it – suddenly that music becomes a reality. We all become able to believe in ourselves enough that we are able to take on such pieces of music, and do them beautifully. This group is very special. . . . I thank you for your time, your love and your talents that you share so freely. I thank you for making me feel good about myself.” – Barb R.

“Lisa Ward is a remarkably inspirational instructor. Like a sounding board, she finds resonance with those whom she teaches, redoubling their hidden talents and augmenting their strengths with equal vivaciousness. As a choral director, she astounds me with her ability to navigate the raw intensity of sound and energy flowing around her while guiding it into beautiful harmony without fundamentally changing its character. This artful talent is unfortunately rare, and Lisa’s enthusiastic willingness to share her gifts is an example of her natural generosity. For those open to personal growth, I recommend Lisa as a phenomenal medium; where some teachers seek to change, Lisa works to augment. Rather than turning a flower into a butterfly, Lisa brings iridescent radiance to the flower such that it glows with a deep confidence in knowing that it is exactly what it is meant to be. I am eminently grateful to have encountered Lisa in my life, and I hope that she continues to find opportunities to share her talents and make the world that much brighter.” – Christoph S.

“Lisa Ward is a phenomenal instructor and guide. As a choir director, Lisa succeeds in focusing a diverse group of people to produce wonderful music. Her vision drives the group to create experiences together in which they would never participate otherwise. As a coach, Lisa’s insightful, patient nature shines. Her assistance and suggestions allowed me to clarify and understand preconceptions I had as well as progress forward with new life goals. Lisa’s perspicacity and musical talents are a gift to all who encounter her, and I am perpetually thankful for the experiences and understanding Lisa has shared with me.” -Sara L.