David Wilson Workshop

‘Complete Body, Breath & Voice for Singers’ Workshop -

Date: Saturday, March 22, 2014
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Location: 1st CRC, 16 McVicar St., Red Deer, AB
Presenter: David Wilson (B.Mus, M. Mus)
website: body-breath-voice.com
*Contact Lisa for further information or to register. Early Bird registration deadline Friday, March 7

What will you do and discover during this workshop?

-Sing with your full body

-Discover your big sound

-Learn how to support your voice

-Unleash your creativity and musicality

-Perform with greater ease, confidence and empowerment

-Explore healthy breathing habits to aid with stress, anxiety, breathlessness, voice

troubles and asthma

David Wilson (B.Mus, M.Mus)  is a Singer, Conductor, Voice Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Breath Therapist. He is recognized across Canada as a leading authority on the use of yoga and breath therapy to aid proper singing technique. He has most recently conducted Mikado and RENT, and sung in Into the Woods. David currently teaches for Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts, Edmonton Musical Theatre and the University of Alberta. He tours regularly, offering workshops to singers, actors, teachers and professionals on vocal strength, empowerment, and respiratory health. His first DVD and book, The Wilson Technique: Yoga for Voice, will be released in the Fall of 2014.


All I have ever wanted to do was sing.  As I am over 60 years of age, and could not match pitch, I was told by my last teacher to “take up knitting”.  Together, Mr. Wilson and I discovered that I was not tone-deaf at all, but that I had learned to shut off my ears and reverse my breathing, due to emotional abuse I suffered as a child.  Mr. Wilson led me through a process that helped me move past these troubles, joyfully, and safely. I can now breath powerfully and match pitch, and recently I passed my Grade 3 Toronto Conservatory Exam.” – Starla

David Wilson’s work is unlike anything I have yet encountered. As singers, we spend so much time working on the vocal mechanism, that we often forget the integral role the body plays in healthy vocal production. David’s approach is a full-body approach. This angle, especially when applyed to the breath, completely changes the world in which you create your sound. Suddenly you are no longer attempting to put your voice in a box, so you are able to finally produce the sounds that you aspire to. The yoga is fantastic, the breath work is freeing, the voice is powerful, and the result wonderful. His work is helpful for singers at every level, regardless of age or experience. David’s method for teaching voice allows you to free the artist within, releasing your true voice and your true expression.”  -Chris