Why Sing in Brioso?

Elizabeth is LOVING it – she is learning so much and constantly blessing us with her music at home. She seems to have settled in to the group quite well, and looks forward to rehearsal every week :) – Cheryl T.

As a parent I can say that you [Lisa] have provided WINGS for Trinity and the others in terms of a voice and of song — the depths you take them to in lyric and music is magical and the impact on their esteem and souls cannot be matched.  I am so very grateful for the gifts you share with Trinity and the others and their faces and voices dance with joy and with pride — that is worth everything to myself as a Mom. – Yvonne B.

This is my seven year old daughter’s first year in Junior Brioso. Brioso gives her an opportunity to do what she loves to do…sing. She has learned that she doesn’t have to have the biggest / loudest voice to contribute to her choir and that she is one of many voices who, with practice, are able to make beautiful music together! Many thanks to Lisa Ward and to Brioso Children’s Choir for giving my shy little girl an opportunity to sing, to learn and to shine! – Heather N