Brioso Children’s Choir

Brioso is beginning its 7th season. The Harvard Dictionary of Music defines brioso: “with vigor and spirit” and is a most appropriate description of the children in our choir! Brioso currently consists of 27 children and is divided into two groups: Jr. Brioso in gr 1-3 and rehearses 4:30-5:30 and Sr. Brioso (18 singers) in gr. 4-9 and rehearses 4:30-5:45 every Thursday. The two groups come together each week to experience the joy of singing with one another.

Singing in Brioso provides life-long skills through activities that enhance singers’ learning skills, talents, confidence, knowledge, discipline and social skills. Brioso provides excellent music education, emphasis on healthy vocal production, a welcoming and nurturing environment, and an opportunity for children to have fun creating exciting music of various cultures and styles.

It is our hope that as the program grows, opportunity for performance and travel will ensue providing extended opportunities for the children to expand their musical experience. The children have participated in three school tours – May and December 2014 and May 2015 – and performed in 8 schools, sharing their love of singing and inspiring other young vocalists in Red Deer.

BRIOSO Children’s Choir

Imagine a rehearsal room filled with excited children learning how to use their voice through the gift of singing and working in community with one another.

Meet our artistic director who is as passionate today as when she began her musical journey over 26 years ago. Lisa Ward respects each singers contribution and inspires excellence while creating an atmosphere of warmth. “This is Lisa’s strength, her ability to develop the best in people with joy . I am so thankful for that.” – Patti V.

If you can imagine these scenarios, you can provide this unique and exciting opportunity for your child in the BRIOSO Children’s Choir.

Finding an activity that your child enjoys and looks forward to every week is incredibly important. In addition, finding an activity that enhances their learning skills, talents, confidence, knowledge, discipline and social skills will provide life-long skills.

It is our hope that as the program grows opportunity for performance and travel will ensue providing extended opportunities for the children to expand their musical experience.

Program Overview:

Elementary school-age children will come together each week to experience the joy of singing. The children will be united through the study and performance of great choral music and discover that music can be a bridge to such essential life skills as compassion, understanding, respect, commitment, discipline, cooperation, and teamwork to name only a few of our goals. BRIOSO will provide an environment for singers to meet and get to know other children with similar interests.

The basis for the curriculum will be the use of the finest sacred and secular repertoire from all styles and periods of music history. Concepts about music (melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, style and tempo) and musicianship skills (singing, vocal technique, ear training, literacy, theory, part work, diction, language skills, memory) will be taught through great choral works. The Choir will sing a broad range of contemporary music, including many songs by Canadian composers. It is our hope that the Choir will also sing in several languages.

Performances are a natural and exciting outcome of music study. The children will be showcasing their learning with their sister choirs (ihana and Soliloquy) in the May 10 Sing Into Spring Year End Concert at Living Stones Church. Additional performance opportunities will be announced.

Admission into the BRIOSO Children’s Choir program is based on interest, enthusiasm and commitment and musical ability. Children who love to sing and wish to gain more experience and knowledge are encouraged to audition. Auditions will be held to determine placement of prospective choristers (auditions are taking place NOW – early bird rates apply until June 30, 2015). Here are some of the traits that we will look for in a prospective singer: enthusiastic and cooperative attitude, clear and resonant singing voice, a musical ear, listening skills (rhythm & melody memory), ability to follow instruction and suggestions, social skills, self-reliance. The audition interview is intended to discover your child’s strengths and abilities and will be a positive experience for everyone. More information about the interview will be communicated with all children who wish to join the Choir.

The BRIOSO Children’s Choir is supported through the hard work and dedication of CSUS (Choral Singers Unite Society). CSUS is formed by choristers 18 years of age and older and parents of singers under the age of 18 to share in implementing the vision of this unique choral program.


Please email Lisa and indicate your child’s name, age and grade, as well your contact information (email and phone number) and indicate your interest in applying for the 2017-2018 children’s choir. You will be contacted as more details become available. We want to see the Children’s Choir flourish in Central AB and your support in letting others know about the choir will help to assure that we have sufficient numbers. We look forward to hearing from you!!


There will be a meeting at our first rehearsal in September for all new and returning members and parents. The meeting will be brief and will explain the expectations of all singers and families. The required forms will be given out at that time (PIPA, medical form, tour permission, etc).